Grant Writing Update

Anne Chance
Anne Chance, Grant Writer - byChance Consulting
by Ann Chance
The grant-writing group met January 11 to hear an overview of the grant writing process and discuss priorities for funding. It was decided that the first priority was the GIS and agreed that I would focus on that and researching funding for the strategic plan, while assisting with other grant writing. A preliminary list of possible funders was shared and members of the group were asked to choose and research one or more. We set up a free file sharing account on for grant-writing information and sharing. So far, a grant has been submitted for the creek restoration and a letter of inquiry submitted to pursue GIS funding. We are now preparing to apply for three more grants, one for operational expenses, one for a wildlife layer of the GIS and one for community advocacy. I will be working with members of the grant-writing group to pursue additional grants and to continue to build a library of grant narratives. I applaud the individual efforts that have already been made in researching the viability of potential grants.

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