High Line’s Next Phase: Less Glitz, More Intimacy

Photographs by Ruth Fremson/The New York Times - Construction continues on the new section of the High Line, from 20th to 30th Street.

Thirty feet above street level and just west of 10th Avenue near 25th Street, the view westward between a pair of old buildings reveals tall smokestacks and a sliver of the Hudson River in the distance.
“This is a piece of lost New York that still exists,” said Peter Mullan, a planning official for the next phase of the High Line, set to open sometime next spring.
Mr. Mullan, a vice president of Friends of the High Line, was standing on the elevated line near a section of the park that was once a sort of fertile urban valley above the street, where wild trees and plants thrived in the trapped moisture and heat in a canyonlike stretch of track between two buildings.
Designers of the second phase of the High Line worked this quirk into the park design, creating a “Woodland Flyover” section in which a steel walkway eight feet above the park’s surface allows for expansive planting beds and dense vegetation.
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