Atlanta worst for senior transit options

Atlanta Business Chronicle – by Carla  Caldwell, Morning Call Editor                       
Date: Wednesday,  June 15, 2011

Metro Atlanta will have fewer public transit options for seniors in the  coming years than any other metropolitan area in the country with 3 million or  more residents, according to a new survey from Transportation for America, a  national coalition of public officials, and transportation and real estate  groups. According to the study, by 2015 approximately 90 percent of metro  Atlanta adults ages 65 to 79 will not have access to public transit.
In the study called “Aging in Place, Stuck without Options,” Atlanta was  followed in its population category by Riverside-San Bernandino, Calif.,  Houston, Detroit and Dallas.
New York City was separated into a category by itself due to the area’s large  population.
For metropolitan areas with 1 million to 3 million people, Kansas City is  ranked worst for senior transit options, followed by Oklahoma City, Fort Worth,  Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham.
Click  here to read the report.

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